The Power to Predict: The Sexiest Job in the 21st Century

According to the Harvard Business Journal and Fortune magazine a career as a data scientist is “the” job to have in the 21st century. At the same time, it underscores the high demand for a talented, qualified STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) workforce. SDSC’s Predictive Analytics Center of Excellence (PACE) is bridging new partnerships with business, health and scientific enterprises to stay laser focused on educating and training the core-knowledge, data scientists so critical to global business intelligence, performance management and innovation.

As stated by Mike Norman, SDSC’s director, “gathering data is easy. In fact, it’s so easy it’s exceeding our capacity to validate, analyze, visualize, store and curate. And, many of our critical scientific problems can only be solved by harnessing this data.” Integrating the methodologies of mathematics, statistics, visualization, and computer science, data scientists can address the Big Data challenge. PACE is nurturing a rich collaborative learning environment to cultivate a national community of data scientists that embodies innovation through diversity of thought. PACE provides the Big Data community with conceptual and hands-on training to learn critical predictive data analytics techniques that help discover patterns and relationships; which in turn contribute to accurate, actionable and agile insights. Predicting future trends and behaviors – from the epic to the everyday – allows for proactive, knowledge-driven decisions.

For industry to be competitive in the global marketplace it must have access to the human and technological resources that improve product innovation and operating efficiencies. PACE aims to offer an exemplary datamining program renowned for educating and training 21st century data scientists.