Tech Talk: Louie Gasparini, Chief Technology Officer at CyberFlow Analytics

The Fraud Eco-System and Advanced Emerging Threats
October 16, 2013 6:00pm to 8:00pm
San Diego Supercomputer Center - Conference Room E-145

This talk will review the players, motivation and tools found in financial and targeted advanced threats on the internet.

Actors have evolved from script kiddies to organized crime and even nation states.  This talk will review the actors involved and the tools and methods used to identify these threat actors.

This talk will be geared toward a general audience giving detail into the fraud eco system and review of emerging tools and methods to identify these threat actors.

It will give a unique insight into how the fraud underground works and what can be done to address these threats.

Speaker Bio(s): 

Louie Gasparini was previously the CTO at RSA Security, co-founder and CTO at PassMark Security, VP/CIO at Excite@Home and SVP of Internet Distribution Systems at Wells Fargo Bank. For more information see LinkedIn.